We’ve discovered something pretty great: keeping kids healthy is the cornerstone for advancement. That’s why we provide advanced, comprehensive health care to 30,000 NYC kids through our 21 in-school clinics. We’ve pioneered a unique delivery model, yet our efforts extend way beyond the school yard:

School Health Clinics

Why deliver care in school? Simple — that's where the kids are! Forget the school nurse of yesteryear — our in-school facilities provide advanced, comprehensive care, delivered by highly-trained teams of doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners and mental health professionals.

What makes the Montefiore School Health Program so special is its direct link to a premiere academic medical center and its renowned children’s hospital, consistently named in U.S. News’ "America’s Best Children’s Hospitals." Students in the clinics have the opportunity to see a multitude of specialists at The Children’s Hospital, some of the best in their field.

Community Health

Our job continues even after the school bell rings. Each student is part of a family and each family is part of a larger community. We believe that it is crucial to work with these communities to combat unhealthy behaviors and improve outcomes. To this end, each of our clinics is staffed with a full time community activist who not only organizes and encourages student health participation within a school, but then works hard to bring health education to parents, community leaders, church groups and other local associations.

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We are battling some of New York’s toughest health and education issues. Luckily, being in the trenches means that we spot problems early, and can often field-test solutions before many have even assessed the situation. From this vantage point, our leadership is in a unique position to talk to politicians and civic leaders candidly about potential helpful policy proposals. Many of these conversations have led to actions and policies that have demonstratively improved the welfare of our kids.

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