Community Health

The School Health Program relies on its Community Organizers at each school to plan and implement all the school health community programs.  From cooking activities to job skill building programs, students can take part in all activities free of charge.  The organizers are imperative to the operation of the School Health Program, but their salaries are not reimbursable.

Physicians and staff in the School Health Programs know that busy kids are happy kids.  In high school, students can earn PE credits and receive job skills through the bike repair program.  Using bicycles donated from police departments, the students learn to repair them and in return are able to keep them at the end of the program.  At the end of the 12 week program, they also receive a certificate that equips them to find employment in a bike repair shop.  Some of the recycled bicycles are also donated to the bicycle fleet for the Learn to Bike program.  This program teaches young Bronx students bicycle riding skills and safety. 

For students who prefer olive oil to bike grease, Teen Battle Chef encourages teenagers to learn healthy cooking skills while preparing them to do battle in the kitchen against their peers.  Healthy food, cooking equipment and utensils are all provided in this highly sought after activity that focuses on life skills and nutrition right in the schools.

Before trying it out, I actually told a colleague that I thought I wouldn’t be using it much, but would proceed now give it a try anyhow